What is YOUR “Why”?

What is YOUR “Why”?

I played hookie the other day and left my office to go to my local golfrange, needed some time for myself. A reflection of sorts, golf always gives methat feeling. That’s of course, until I start hitting golf balls and myfrustration slowly starts creeping in. But today it’s not about me, it’s aboutthe people I see on the range that are about to hit their purchased range ballsor the ones that are already swing for the fences with no goals, no game plan,no purpose.

‍I smile. When I was in PT school, one of our assignments was to go to thelocal mall and “people watch”. Sounds creepy, but, we soon realized thepurpose! So many different ways people walk, their gait patterns, almost all ofthem different. We soon began to ask the main question: Why? Why did they walkdifferently? Low back pain? Hip pain? Knee pain? Ankle pain? Scolioisis?Arthritis? Why do so many golfers have different swing patterns? First thingthat comes to mind is flexibility! Possibly post-op surgery that has limitedtheir mobility. Now, I’m going to place my disclaimer here and say that aftersome 900 hours of practice and play, this sport has humbled me.

‍I see people warm up, some do what we in the health industry call, dynamicstretching (I’ll get to that in a little bit), others take two golf clubs andtake several practice swings, while the “others” just pick up the club andstart hacking! Poor grass, that was meant for a nice divot! Sigh!!!

‍Playing golf, working out or even cooking occurs along a scale ofefficiency. You either have plenty of time to perform the proper warm-up,training session with your mind clear of any distracting outside influences andtotally engaged in the activity, or your time is limited, you’re distracted,rushed and the learning process is diminished.

‍What is YOUR “Why”? Why are you out there? You plan on getting better,staying healthy, working at the worlds hardest pastime game? If you are, thenyou need to get serious about your allocation of time and effort. Consult witha local PGA teaching pro and a certified fitness professional so that they can properlyguide you through the correct steps to achieve your goals.

Blog Post written by:
Dimitri Cosmios